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What is the Average Cost of Water Damage Restoration Cleaning in Los Angeles County?

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Repairing water damage can be costly. However, immediate water damage restoration is necessary to protect occupants from potentially toxic waterborne bacteria and the property from structural collapse. Costs to fix water damage in Los Angeles County vary based on numerous factors.

The national average to restore a water damaged property is roughly $3150. Prices vary, however, and can range from $1200 to $5000. The cost includes water damage cleanup by a licensed water damage restoration professional or company. Either uses high-tech equipment during cleanup.

Looking at the national average for water damage repair gives a rough estimate of potential costs in Los Angeles County. However, the national average rarely provides an accurate final price for the area, especially since many variables affect the cost of local water damage restoration.

The costs of water damage restoration in Los Angeles County may differ from the national average due to local labor hourly rates, price of materials, and the cost of obtaining permits to perform the water damage cleanup in the county.

The average water damage repair project in Los Angeles County hovers around $2500. Material costs average $12 per square foot. The average price for the most populous county in the US includes local labor costs. Additional factors, like surface preparation, machinery, and cleanup fees, are also included.

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Hiring expert water damage restoration professionals is essential

Why should homeowners avoid DIY cleanup?

While homeowners may be tempted to perform water damage cleanup on their own, it is highly discouraged. Cleanup may be accomplished to a certain extent. However, failing to perform a thorough water damage cleanup can lead to even costlier fixes in the future.

Missing a small area affected by water damage can result in explosive mold growth. Mold remediation will be an additional, hefty expense. If the source of water damage is left unaddressed, the damage will reoccur (such as fixing a water damaged ceiling, but not repairing the leaky roof).

Hiring expert water damage restoration professionals is essential to preventing reoccurrence of the problem and subsequent mold infestation. A pro will assess the extent of water damage and pinpoint its cause. The type and extent of damage largely influences the final price of water damage repair.

How do water categories affect the cost of cleanup?

Water damage falls into three categories: clean water, gray water, and black water. Licensed professionals are trained to identify how clean is the water that caused the damage. The more toxic the water, such as with black water, the greater the repair costs will be.

Restoring a home affected by clean water is the least costly, as this type of water poses no threat to health. Examples of clean water include water from a faucet, sprinklers, burst pipes, water heaters and rain. Fix clean water damage quickly to prevent a degradation to gray water.

Gray water is the next category and costs slightly more to clean than clean water. Gray water contains minor traces of contaminants, like detergents, which can cause minor illness. Examples of gray water include water from a dishwasher or washing machine. Without swift action, bacteria can grow.

Black water is the most toxic, as coming into contact with it can cause serious health issues or even death. Water damage specialists utilize advanced equipment, making repair costly. Black water comes from sewage backups, flooding containing contaminated groundwater, and storm surges.

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When water damage strikes, it is critical to take immediate action

How does water damage class affect price?

Water damage repair costs are also influenced by four classes. The least expensive repair is Class 1. A homeowner can fix water damage that affects a small section of a room. An example of Class 1 water damage is a minor leak in a bathroom or kitchen faucet.

Class 2 water damage affects an entire room. The water has seeped into the walls up to 12 inches in height. Class 3 water damage occurs when the ceilings, walls, floors, insulation, and subflooring are saturated with water, such as from a burst pipe.

Class 4 water damage is associated with the highest repair costs. The water is long standing and may come from a hurricane or river flooding. Stone, brick, and hardwood are saturated with moisture. Service from a professional water damage cleanup company should be sought out quickly.

Water damage restoration costs can spike when mold growth is evident. Mold colonies can latch onto damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours. The cost of mold remediation increases in proportion to the length of time the water is left unaddressed within the property.

Property owners who find themselves in a water damage disaster are urged to act quickly. Home and business owners can save up to 40 percent on water damage cleanup costs when they address the situation promptly. Preventing water damage, however, is the most effective way to save.

When water damage strikes, it is critical to take immediate action. Delays allow the water damage to spread and cause further destruction to the rest of the property. If you find yourself in a water damage scenario, consult the pros at ServiceMaster by TA Russell.

Our local technicians are highly skilled and experienced in extracting all excess moisture from a property. Using swift and effective processes, we prevent water damage from spreading to other parts of the home or business and compromising the building’s structural integrity.

The ServiceMaster by TA Russell water damage restoration process includes a full assessment of the extent of water damage, water extraction, antimicrobial application, and thorough drying using powerful air movers and dehumidifiers. Our technicians carefully monitor the entire drying procedure.

Water damage is a serious issue that must be handled by experienced professionals. Water can seep into concealed areas, such as behind walls, under floors or inside the HVAC and vents. Water damage cleanup experts utilize specialized tools and equipment to detect and clean all hidden water damage.

ServiceMaster by TA Russell technicians stand by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to water damage cleanup emergencies. We proudly serve the residential and business communities of Azusa, California and the surrounding communities. Call us for fast, reliable water damage restoration.