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Does Home Insurance Usually Cover Water Damage Restoration Cleaning in California?

Water Damage Restoration – Diamond Bar, CA

Water damage is prevalent in households across the United States. In California, water damage is among the most common types of insurance claims filed each year. Fortunately, home insurance covers certain types of water damage repair, and coverage depends on the location of the water source.

What are causes of water damage?

Although essential to life, water can be a destructive force. A river flood could engulf a property; or, an inch of rainwater could drench the basement. Whether the water stands at one foot or one inch, the resulting water damage must be quickly repaired.

Water damage restoration is critical immediately after the incident to prevent the spread of ruin, preserve the structural integrity of the building and prevent mold growth. Properties can become submerged in water due to a variety of unanticipated (or probable) causes.

  1. What are causes of water damage

    Flash flooding can lead to severe water damage

    Natural Disasters

Thunderstorms and hurricanes can pummel a home with rainwater and be forceful enough to damage the roof. When roof damage occurs as a result of natural disasters, the interior home will undergo serious water damage. Flash flooding can also lead to severe water damage.

In California, thunderstorms are rare, with only two to five occurring each winter along the state’s northern coast, and 10 to 15 occurring each summer in the Great Basin. While infrequent, just one severe thunderstorm has the potential to wreak havoc and cause substantial water damage.

  1. Air Conditioners

Summer temperatures in The Golden State can rise to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, prompting homeowners to turn on the air conditioner. The AC produces condensation. If the moisture is unable to escape due to a clog in the drain line, it will leak into the home and cause water damage.

  1. Leaking Pipes

Loose-fitting or broken pipes cause significant water damage. When the pipe is located inside a wall, the leaking moisture will cause the entire wall to become water damaged. Mold will worsen the destruction. The mold colonies will invade the damp area, and costly mold remediation must be performed.

  1. Appliance Leaks

A washing machine could easily spring a leak, especially when the unit’s water supply lines wear out and rupture. Wear and tear are more likely when the water supply lines are manufactured out of PVC or rubber. Braided stainless steel water supply lines are less likely to wear out.

What types of water damage restoration are covered?

Most types of water damage repair in The Golden State are covered by home insurance policies. When the water is proven to be sudden and come from within the home, the damage is eligible for coverage. A burst pipe, for example, will be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy.

In California, burst pipes are the number one reason for filing a water damage insurance claim. In such cases, the water damage is unanticipated and therefore covered. However, the cost to fix the ruptured pipe will not be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Similarly, if a washing machine hose unexpectedly breaks and spews water over the floor, insurance will provide coverage. Interior damage from a leaky roof is covered. When a fire breaks out and fire officials extinguish the flames with hoses, the resulting water damage is eligible for coverage.


Water damage must be addressed immediately by professionals

What types of water damage restoration are not covered?

While the abovementioned accidental causes of water damage are covered, ruin caused by a lack of proper maintenance is typically not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Homeowners who neglect maintenance issues will be responsible for any resulting water damage.

Water damage due to unresolved maintenance issues is ineligible for coverage. A California homeowner who fails to conduct maintenance on a kitchen faucet that has been leaking for months should not be surprised when the issue worsens and insurance does not offer coverage.

Just as long-term, unaddressed problems are ineligible for insurance coverage, water backups into the home from a drain or outside sewer are not covered. However, homeowners do have the option to purchase additional water backup coverage that will kick in when the event arises.

Any type of flood, no matter what the water source, is ineligible for coverage through a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Oversaturated grounds and overflows from ponds, lakes or oceans are examples of where floodwater originates. Homeowners must purchase separate flood insurance.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers residents of California, plus all other states in the nation, the option to purchase separate flood insurance. Buying flood insurance from the NFIP, in addition to purchasing a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, is recommended.

California is a flood-prone state. The Public Policy Institute of California reports that, on multiple occasions, every county in the state has been declared a flood disaster area. Over $580 billion in structures and one in five California residents are vulnerable to the consequences of flooding.

In The Golden State, water damage primarily originates from leaky appliances, burst pipes, HVAC issues and appliance failures. When your home undergoes water damage from any cause, consult the water damage restoration pros at ServiceMaster by TA Russell. Our experienced techs respond swiftly.

The water damage restoration specialists from our team first inspect the extent of water damage. Once our assessment is complete, we formulate a restoration plan and immediately begin work. We extract all excess moisture from the property using high-tech equipment and advanced techniques.

A water damaged property can teem with bacteria. ServiceMaster by TA Russell technicians apply anti-microbial solutions to ensure the home is safe to inhabit. A thorough drying of the area is achieved via powerful air movers and dehumidification equipment. We carefully monitor the entire drying process.

Water damage must be addressed quickly. If you walk into a water damage catastrophe, whether it is due to a burst pipe, leaky faucet or any other cause, call ServiceMaster of TA Russell for fast, reliable water damage cleanup. We serve Azusa, California’s residential and business communities 24/7.