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Is an Air Purifier Beneficial in my Azusa, CA Home?


In recent years, the California wildfires have gotten even worse than they normally are. These terrifying fires have left behind a wake of devastation for those who have suffered from the sometimes-deadly consequences. Some people have lost their homes, some have lost loved ones, and some have suffered long-term health consequences. While nothing can bring back a home or a loved one, there are ways to prevent long-term health consequences that stem from the wildfires. One of the best ways to protect you and your loved ones from the negative health consequences is using an air purifier. Continue reading for more information on the benefits of using an air purifier in your home.

The Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

The California wildfires have been inconvenient, and that’s putting it mildly. One of the biggest inconveniences is dealing with the smoke and smoke damage that wildfires cause. And believe it or not, that smoke will seep into your home, causing health consequences and discomfort. You can protect your loved ones from smoke damage by using an air purifier.


There are countless benefits to using an air purifier in your home

Fighting against wildfire smoke is not the only benefit air purifiers provide for your home. Here are some other issues that air purifiers help eliminate:

  • Odors brought on by keeping pets in the house, such as the smell of cat litter
  • Asthma and allergy relief. It’s not uncommon to keep your windows open during the spring and summer, which allows pollen and other allergens into your home. Using an air purifier will allow you to enjoy a nice breeze without having to worry about the discomforts that spring and summer allergies bring about.
  • If you live in a bustling metropolitan area with a lot of traffic and vehicles, car exhaust fumes can find their way into your home via an open door or window. Air purifiers help fight against those fumes.
  • If you live with a smoker who smokes indoors, an air purifier goes a long way in eliminating that pesky cigarette smoke smell.
  • If you live in a dry climate, you’re more susceptible to dust mites and mold in the air, which air purifiers can help eliminate.
  • COVID-19 has made the world much more cautious about the air they breathe. Air purifiers help remove airborne flu particles and other virus particles.
  • Sometimes cooking in a small kitchen can lead to some unpleasant lingering odors. Air purifiers remove heavy cooking odors such as onion and garlic.

There are countless benefits to using an air purifier in your home. Considering the fact that air purifiers remove 99.9% of all common air pollutants, it’s safe to say that they are a great investment that will make a positive impact on your home and your comfortability while at home.

Choosing an Air Purifier

There are dozens of different air purifiers all over the marketplace and you may be asking yourself what the best one is. The general rule of thumb is not to be swayed by price or appearance. Instead, do your research and focus on the following air purifier metrics:

  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) – The CADR is essentially a measure of how quickly an air purifier can process and clean the air in a given room. The bigger the room you want purified, the higher the CADR should be. Keep that in mind when you are considering making an air purifier purchase.
  • Minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV) – The MERV is essentially a measure of the filter’s ability to capture larger particles. This is especially useful for areas that have been affected by wildfire smoke, as wildfire smoke particles are larger than other types of air particles and will require a filter with a high MERV in order to properly clean the air affected by it.

Other Considerations

Air purifiers work best when the following home conditions are met:

  • Clean air ducts – The cleaner the air ducts, the easier it is for the air purifier to sift through the clean air. When there is less blockage in the air ducts, the air purifier will have an easier time spreading the purification to other areas of the house.
  • Close the windows – Try to keep your windows closed if you’re going to use an air purifier. Doing so eliminates one of the main sources of contaminant and pollution exposure and makes it easier on the air purifier to keep the air clean.
  • Consider getting a humidifier – Air purifiers, especially when being used in dry climates, work best when they are used in tandem with a humidifier.

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