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Are Home Cleaning and Disinfection Services Necessary During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

digital thermometer as used by ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell and ServiceMaster of Albuquerque & West Mesa technicians before disinfection cleaning services

Inviting a cleaning crew into a residential home amidst the height of the coronavirus pandemic raises questions about health safety. Despite concerns of potential transmission, even infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci welcomes a cleaning professional into his home biweekly.

Homeowners might delay allowing sanitizing and disinfection cleaning personnel into a residence until after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Postponement is due to fears that crews will bring in the coronavirus with them, leading to infection of members of the household.

But when tiny corner dust balls grow into mammoth proportions, and homeowners need professional help, it becomes necessary to reconsider hiring a home cleaning and disinfection service—even during the current coronavirus health crisis. Safety precautions should be a priority.

Residential homeowners are likely to wonder how to keep themselves, their families, and the cleaning crews safe, when all it takes is one contaminated surface to infect a whole household. Staying healthy in the confines of the indoor residential space requires planning and practical knowledge.

How Can Homeowners Minimize Risks?

digital thermometer as used by ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell and ServiceMaster of Albuquerque & West Mesa technicians before disinfection cleaning servicesThe most important considerations for homeowners are assessing and minimizing risks. In the middle of the pandemic, risks cannot be eliminated. However, risks can be effectively managed. Safety precautions should be taken by both the homeowner and the disinfection cleaning personnel.

Reputable cleaning and disinfection and sanitizing companies take care to perform temperature checks on personnel prior to them working. As testing becomes more widely available, these companies may also conduct tests on their employees to ensure safety, as much as possible, given the unprecedented situation.

How is the Coronavirus Transmitted?

Studies on the coronavirus have confirmed that the virus spreads when people in close proximity cough, talk, or sneeze. Airborne respiratory droplets from infected individuals are inhaled into the respiratory systems of people nearby, usually within six feet, resulting in mild to severe infection.

Coronavirus transmission may also occur as a result of an infected person handling a surface and then another individual touching it. The virus is literally picked up and transmitted into the respiratory system once the individual touches his eyes, nose or mouth.

It is reasonable to assume the possibility that infection control and disinfection cleaning personnel may contaminate surfaces simply by handling them. However, this mode of transmission is minor. Be aware that cleaning and disinfecting personnel will clean and disinfect surfaces, thereby killing any remnants of the coronavirus.

How to Minimize Covid-19 Infection When Hiring Professionals

Due to the highly contagious nature of Covid-19, it is common sense to leave the home when decontamination and disinfection cleaning personnel arrive. An alternative is to remain in another part of the home while the cleaning takes place. By doing so, homeowners maintain the recommended six feet of physical distance between others.

Homeowners should strongly consider that inviting cleaning and disinfecting personnel back into the home to clean is effective “germ management.” A house will be cleaner and undergo far more stringent disinfecting methods after the cleaners have been there to do their job.

Professional Disinfection Technicians are Highly Trained

In recent months, and as an immediate response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some national cleaning companies have held online training sessions for their staff, instructing them on how to perform more intensive cleanings, disinfections, and sanitizing. Homeowners can be assured their home will undergo a deep clean.

As cleaning personnel enter the home wearing masks and gloves, they will bring medical-grade disinfectants and those suggested by the CDC as solutions proven to work against the coronavirus. Bleach will also be used, as products containing bleach are effective against SARS-CoV-2.

What are additional protective measures?

Limiting Number of Disinfection Cleaning Personnel

Another safety precaution homeowners should consider is to limit the number of cleaning personnel allowed into the home. Prior to the pandemic, it was customary for multiple cleaners to arrive. In the Covid-19 era, homeowners may feel safer with just one cleaning person in the home at a time.

Strategically Scheduling Disinfection Cleaning Appointments

Scheduling is important, too. Rather than return to routine cleanings every one to two weeks, experts recommend easing back into cleaning regimens. Sanitizing and disinfection services should be focused on the most critical areas, like the bathrooms and kitchen. Open doors and windows for air circulation.

Cleaning methods will change due to the infectious nature of the coronavirus. Homeowners are advised to request cleaning staff to follow the appropriate contact time (the number of minutes a disinfectant remains visibly wet on a surface) during cleaning services for maximum disinfection.

Limiting Contact with High-Touch Items

ServiceMaster Technicians Cleaning high-touch surfaces while disinfection cleaningWhen paying cleaners, homeowners will protect themselves and the cleaning personnel by using contactless online payments instead of cash. Also, put away personal high-touch items in the bathroom, like toothbrushes and cosmetics, so cleaners handle less items when they clean and disinfect.

Question the cleaners about whether or not they utilize fresh sets of cleaning materials after completing the previous job. To even further limit the spread of the coronavirus, ask the cleaning personnel to use cleaning cloths and disinfecting solutions provided by the homeowner.

Having the cleaners back requires some consideration, given the current health crisis. However, taking careful steps to protect oneself and the cleaning professionals will ensure that the home is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, thus ensuring it remains free from the coronavirus.

Hiring a Professional Sanitizing and Disinfection Cleaning Company

Decontamination and disinfection services have implemented new Covid-19 cleaning procedures to effectively wipe out the coronavirus from commercial facilities. One such company is ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell/ServiceMaster of Albuquerque & West Mesa, whose sanitizing and disinfection team also has experience with disinfecting business properties infected with MERS and SARS.

ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell and ServiceMaster of Albuquerque & West Mesa cleaning and disinfecting crews have effectively disabled coronaviruses in a variety of commercial properties, including grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and government offices. Equipped with EPA-registered cleaners, we also disinfect properties that have confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Our skilled, professional cleaners utilize a three-step disinfection process to eradicate the coronavirus. We first use a pump-sprayer application system on high-touch points. We follow with a manual wiping of high-touch surfaces. Our specialists end with a thorough floor disinfection.

The proven processes we use at ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell and ServiceMaster of Albuquerque & West Mesa provide the most comprehensive preventative disinfection available. We protect commercial properties in the surrounding areas of Azusa, CA, Southern California, Albuquerque, and all of New Mexico. Call us to schedule a walkthrough or quote for your facility.