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Disinfection and Cleaning Services in Lake Havasu, AZ

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been more cautious of their surroundings and concerned for their health.  This makes it important for businesses to ensure they are providing a clean and healthy environment for employees, customers, and visitors as they continue to open up.  Having a home or property disinfected professionally is an effective way to protect against dangerous diseases like COVID-19 according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration provides professional disinfection and cleaning services for homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ and the surrounding areas in western Arizona.  We worked with renowned experts in the field of environmental science to develop standard operational practices and preventative baseline disinfection protocols to help protect against COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Disinfection and Cleaning - Lake Havasu, AZOur COVID-19 disinfection services have been developed to cover the following situations:

  • Preventative disinfection is done for homes and buildings to protect from a possible COVID-19 infection. This approach has its own set of protocols to proactively protect vulnerable properties.
  • We also provide disinfection for properties that have been exposed to COVID-19 using a different set of protocols and operating procedures. We can restore safe conditions within properties that have been exposed.

Developing two sets of disinfection protocols and operational procedures for each scenario allows us to provide the best possible disinfection services while limiting costs.

The protocols, equipment, and methods that we use are specific to the above-mentioned applications to ensure effective results.  The disinfection equipment and methods we use are the best available and our EPA-registered disinfectants can eliminate dangerous pathogens like COVID-19.  Our technicians will work to protect you and your property, and we protect ourselves by using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

At ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration, we have experience responding to disease outbreaks such as MERS and SARS so we are prepared to handle disinfection and cleaning to protect against COVID-19 in Lake Havasu, AZ and the surrounding areas of western Arizona.

We can provide our disinfection and cleaning services for the following:

  • Grocery stores
  • Offices
  • Government offices and facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities

Covid Cleaning and Disinfection in Western Arizona

If your property is exposed to COVID-19, it is important to work with a professional like ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration that follows the proper protocols to disinfect your property.  Our technicians understand how to manage disinfection and cleaning for exposed buildings, and we will work with you to create a plan that accommodates your needs.

We use established protocols, methods, and EPA-registered cleaning products to provide highly effective disinfection and cleaning.  We worked with renowned environmental science experts to develop our protocols and we follow the recommendations of major health organizations such as the CDC and WHO.  You will be informed of the details of our disinfection plan, and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

You can expect the following with our cleaning and disinfection services:

  • Thorough disinfection of the property using advanced equipment and proper protocols
  • Use of EPA-registered disinfectants
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by our employees
  • Clear communication to keep you and any stakeholders updated through the process.

COVID-19 exposure on your property will do more than endanger your employees, customers, and visitors, it can also affect their morale and the reputation of your business.  This makes it extremely important to get in contact with a professional like ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration that can provide effective disinfection according to proper protocols.  We will work diligently to restore safe conditions in your property, and we will protect your privacy.

3-Step Preventative Disinfection Process

Our technicians take the following steps to provide preventative disinfection and cleaning:

  • Pump sprayer application: We start by using a pump sprayer system to treat horizontal surfaces and high touch points with a disinfectant. High touch points include desks, counters, door handles, elevator buttons, stair rails and more.
  • Manual wiping: We will wipe high touch surfaces and objects manually to ensure complete disinfection.
  • Floor disinfectant: We will disinfect the flooring as we back out of each room.

Our three-stage preventative disinfection services include the use of EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectants and it is the most comprehensive preventative disinfection available.

Trained Disinfection Professionals

Even when using the proper equipment and protocols, disinfection services will only be effective if executed by highly trained professionals.  At ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration, our professionals are highly trained to provide effective disinfection services and we have years of experience with handling biohazard materials and other outbreaks such as SARS.  You can expect our technicians to follow all necessary protocols and use our equipment properly to thoroughly disinfect your property.  Our disinfection services will help prevent cross contamination and stop the spread of the virus.

Our project managers explain every step of our preventative disinfection services to you and work with you on pricing.  We can also complete these services during off hours to minimize the interruption to your business.

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As more businesses are opening, there is a demand for disinfection and cleaning to ensure safety.  If you are interested in professional disinfection and cleaning services for your home or business in Lake Havasu, AZ, contact our professionals at ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration by calling (928) 263-2644.