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Leaking Washing Machine Water Damage Cleanup in Los Angeles County, CA

All homes have a washing machine so that people can regularly do their laundry.  Washing machines use a lot of water to wash clothing and even though they can last for about 10 years, they can experience issues at any time that can cause a major leak.  A leaking washing machine can result in serious water damage because of the amount of water these appliances use.  If a washing machine leak occurs, you need to call someone to repair the washing machine as well as a professional that can handle the water damage.

ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides leaking washing machine water damage restoration services in Los Angeles County, CA.  Our technicians use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to remove leaking water and dry the affected areas and materials.  It is important to call immediately for water damage restoration as leaks from the washing machine can cause extensive damage.

Leaking Washing Machine Water Damage Cleanup Los Angeles CA minLeaking Washing Machines

A leak from a washing machine can be damaging as gallons of water may leak out and affect the surrounding flooring, walls, and other materials.  As these materials absorb water, there is a greater risk for structural damage as well as mold growth.  It is important to address washing machine leaks immediately to prevent significant damage.

Washing machine leaks in top-loading and front-loading machines may be caused by the following:

Top-Load Washing Machines

The following are the main causes of front leaks in top-loading washing machines:

  • Clogged or tilted overflow tube: The overflow tube in top-loading washing machines can become clogged or tilted if you use too much detergent, which can cause a leak. This is more likely to happen if the water comes from a water softener.  If your home uses softened water, use less detergent.
  • Overloading: Overloading your machine can cause it to go out of balance which can lead to a leak. Check the level of your washing machine and wash reasonable loads.
  • Spray rinse function: Spray rinse cycles can cause leaks if you interfere with this cycle by manually advancing the timer because this can cause the cycle to go on for too long. If your machine uses a spray rinse cycle, do not interrupt the cycle.

The following are the main causes of back leaks in top-loading washing machines:

  • Manufacturer’s drain plug: When you buy a new top-loading washing machine, it will have a drain plug put in by the manufacturer. You must remove and discard this plug before installing the drain hose or it could cause a leak.  When removing the drain plug, have a bucket handy to catch excess water.
  • Unsecured drain hose: The drain hose needs to be connected securely or it may leak. If the drain hose is securely connected but still leaking, the hose is most likely clogged.
  • Loose fill hose connection: Fill hoses are connected to the back of the machine and are held in place with rubber washers. This hose may leak if there is no rubber washer or if the rubber washer is in poor condition.  If this hose leaks, shut off the water and disconnect the hose to check the washer.  If the leak continues after you have checked or replaced the washer and tightly reconnected the hoses, then the hose itself may have a leak and need to be replaced.

The following may cause a leak under toploading washing machines:

  • Hole in the water pump: If a leak occurs under your top-loading washing machine, it is likely due to a leak in the water pump. Leaking water pumps must be replaced or water will get to and damage the motor.

Front-Loading Washing Machines

The following may cause leaks in the front of a front-loading washing machine:

  • Dirty door seal: The seal of the door may become ineffective if there is a buildup of soil, soap, or debris. You can prevent front leaks by keeping the gasket clean and checking the seal for damage.
  • Door not closing: Water will leak out of the door if it can’t close all the way. You can align the door by adjusting the hinges.

The following may cause leaks in the back of a frontloading washing machine:

  • Drain hoses and fill hoses: The issues described above concerning drain hoses and fill hoses on top-loading washing machines can also occur with front-loading machines. If these problems occur, refer to the tips above.
  • Overflow: Using too much detergent can cause an overflow in the overflow area behind the machine.

The following can cause a leak under a front-loading washing machine:

  • Drum leaks: Problems with the inner and outer drum can cause a leak under front-loading washing machines.

Leaking Washing Machine Cleanup

Washing machines can have major leaks because they use about 19 gallons of water for each load.  If there is a major leak, the water will affect the surrounding flooring, walls, and other materials which can lead to significant damage and cause mold growth.  If you react immediately to a washing machine leak and call our professionals, you can help limit the damage.

ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides complete water damage restoration to clean up leaks from washing machines.  We use extraction and drying equipment to completely remove the water and we can restore the resulting damage.  If mold has appeared because of the leak, we can remove it as well.

You can expect the following from our water damage restoration services:

  • Containment of the leak
  • Removal of the water and drying of the affected areas and materials
  • Restoration and repair of the damaged materials
  • Mold removal if needed

Call ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell for Water Damage Cleanup

Leaking washing machines must be dealt with immediately or the leaking water will continue to spread and cause more damage.  Our professionals at ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell will stop the leak from spreading and remove the water to prevent serious damage and mold growth.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (626) 963-4048 for water damage restoration for a leaking washing machine in Los Angeles County, CA.

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