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Disinfection and Cleaning Services in Kingman, AZ

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a new emphasis on keeping homes and buildings cleaned to protect the health of those within.  Diseases like COVID-19, the flu, and the common cold can spread quickly in indoor environments which makes it important for businesses especially to take action and protect your employees, visitors, and customers.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), thoroughly disinfecting your home or building is an effective way to protect your property from illnesses like COVID-19.

At ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration, we provide disinfection and cleaning service to help protect homes and businesses in Kingman, AZ from dangerous illnesses.  Our standard operational practices and baseline disinfection protocols were developed with input from renowned experts in the field of environmental science to protect properties from diseases like COVID-19.

We can provide disinfection services for the following scenarios:

  • Preventative: We can treat homes and businesses preemptively to protect the property from possible COVID-19 outbreaks. Preventative disinfection has a specific set of protocols.
  • Exposure: If your property has been exposed to COVID-19, we use a different set of protocols to disinfect your property and restore safe conditions.

By having two different protocols for preventative and exposure disinfection, we can treat any property to effectively protect against COVID-19 and other illnesses.

We use only the best disinfection methods, equipment, and disinfectants to provide highly effective disinfection and cleaning.  The EPA-registered disinfectants that we use have been proven effective at eliminating dangerous pathogens, including those that cause COVID-19.  Our technicians protect themselves using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) as they work to protect your property.

Our technicians have experience protecting homes and businesses from disease outbreaks such as SARS and MERS and we can effectively protect your property in Kingman, AZ from COVID-19.

Disinfection-and-Cleaning-Kingman-AZOur disinfection and cleaning services are effective for the following types of properties:

  • Offices
  • Government offices and facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Grocery stores
  • Manufacturing

COVID Cleaning and Disinfection on Western Arizona

You need to call our professionals at ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration if your property has been exposed to COVID-19 for proper disinfection.  We have an established protocol for exposed properties, and we will create a disinfection plan for your property to restore safe conditions.

Our disinfection and cleaning services were developed with the recommendations of environmental science experts and major health care organizations such as the WHO and CDC.  You can expect us to create a thorough disinfection plan and ensure your property is treated using advanced disinfection methods and EPA-registered disinfectants.

Our disinfection and cleaning services consist of the following:

  • Complete disinfection of the property with advanced equipment and methods
  • EPA-registered disinfectants
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for our employees
  • Regular communication to update you and other stakeholders on the process.

Having your property exposed to COVID-19 can affect the reputation of your business as well as the morale of your employees.  It is important to call ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration after your property has been exposed so we can disinfect your property and make it safe.  We will make sure your property is disinfected as quickly as possible and we will protect your privacy.

3-Step Preventative Disinfection Process

Our disinfection and cleaning services consist of the following steps:

  • Pump sprayer application: We use a pump sprayer system that sprays a disinfectant on high touch points and horizontal surfaces. We will make sure surfaces and items like desks, chairs, door handles, counters, stair rails, and elevator buttons are treated.
  • Manual wiping: High touch surfaces will also be wiped down manually to ensure they are thoroughly disinfected.
  • Floor disinfectant: We will treat the flooring throughout the property with a disinfectant.

We use EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectants to provide effective disinfection for preventative cases and exposed properties.

Trained Disinfection Professionals

Disinfection is best done by professionals and will provide excellent protection for homes and businesses.  Our technicians are highly trained and equipped to provide highly effective disinfection and cleaning and we have worked with other outbreaks like SARS and MERS.  We use the proper equipment, disinfectants, and protocols to ensure that your property has been thoroughly treated.  Our disinfection services can help stop the spread of the virus and prevent cross contamination.

Our project managers will keep you informed of our process and work with you on the pricing.  We can also minimize the interruption to your business by handling the disinfection during your off hours.

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Professional disinfection services are your best option for protecting your home or business from COVID-19 and other dangerous illnesses.  Make sure you call our professionals at ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration if you need disinfection services for your property in Kingman, AZ.  We are available at (928) 236-2644.