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Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Bullhead City, AZ

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Life around the globe has changed drastically because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are becoming more concerned for their and others’ health and safety. With businesses starting to open and resume normal operations, business owners and property managers must prioritize creating a safe, clean, healthy environment for customers, employees, visitors, and tenants. Getting your property properly disinfected is, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one of the best actions to take in preventing the virus from spreading.

ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration has worked with environmental science experts to develop standard operational practices and preventative baseline disinfection protocols in relation to the coronavirus.

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The following are two areas for COVID disinfection and cleaning that we have developed to meet clients’ needs:

  1. The first protocol set regards preventative disinfection for properties that have a heightened risk of infection. This includes facilities who want to protect patrons, residents, customers, and visitors by taking proactive measures.
  2. The second protocol set regards procedures for properties that have a confirmed coronavirus case or suspect one.

With two different sets of disinfection and cleaning procedures, we are able to maximize the disinfection’s effectiveness and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Not only do these protocols include specific application requirements, but we also use certain disinfection systems. All employees must use personal protective equipment throughout the entire cleaning and disinfection process. In addition, our professional technicians will eliminate hazardous pathogens by using EPA-registered disinfectants and advanced equipment.

Our technicians have experience with SARS and MERS, so we are familiar with handling pandemics and outbreaks and can effectively provide disinfection and cleaning services in Bullhead City, AZ, and the neighboring areas.

Disinfection-and-Cleaning-Bullhead-City-AZWe Provide Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services for the Following Industries:

Government facilities and offices

Grocery stores

Manufacturing facilities


Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Bullhead City, AZ

When dealing with COVID-19 exposure, it is imperative to have experts who are experienced and equipped to clean and disinfect the property correctly. At ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration, we know how important it is to have detailed and thorough cleaning and disinfection in the aftermath of COVID exposure. We will work with clients to ensure the project is done in a professional and satisfactory manner.

In the event your commercial setting has a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case, ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration has disinfection and cleaning services available in Bullhead City, AZ, and the neighboring areas. Our staff has established procedures and protocols in tandem with environmental science experts. We provide clients with a detailed plan for our services and then follow the plan to ensure effective cleaning and disinfection.

The Following is Included Within the ServiceMaster Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Plan:

  1. COVID cleaning and disinfection procedures
  2. Personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees
  3. Use of disinfecting products
  4. Project communication plan and updates with each step

When a facility has been exposed to COVID-19, it can hinder the morale of those who use the property. But it is imperative to create a thorough plan for COVID cleaning and disinfection of the facility, getting insight from experts when creating it. When we conduct our coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services, we will not only do a thorough job, but we will also prioritize your privacy.

3-Step Disinfecting Process by ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration

At ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration, we have created a three-step preventative commercial cleaning and disinfection process that yields an effective outcome.

  1. Pump-Sprayer Application: By using a pump-sprayer application system, all horizontal surfaces and high-touch points — such as door handles, handrails, and keyboards — are reached.
  2. Manual Wiping: We then manually wipe down the high-touch points and other sprayed areas. This allows for the most thorough disinfection and cleaning work.
  3. Floor Disinfection: As we exit, we will disinfect every room as we back out of the area.

This process is a comprehensive way to provide preventative disinfection, and we conduct this work by using EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants.

Professional and Trained Disinfection and COVID Cleaning Technicians

While it is essential to have cleaning protocols, it is just as important to have trained technicians to implement the steps. The training that our professional technicians at ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration has sets us apart from janitorial staff and standard cleaning companies. Our technicians are experienced with previous coronavirus outbreaks — such as SARS — in addition to biohazard, crime, and trauma cleaning. We know how to properly use PPE and disinfection products and systems. This proper usage protects the technicians, reduces the chances for cross-contamination, and limits the chance for the virus’s spread.

Within these services, project managers will inform you of pricing, explain the cleaning plan, and answer any questions. If need be, we can conduct our work outside of business hours to limit disruptions.

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With the ongoing pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting services will continue to be in demand. If you want such services for your facility, would like further information, or want to schedule a walkthrough, then give us a call at (928) 263-2644. We offer professional disinfection and cleaning services for commercial settings in Bullhead City, AZ, and the neighboring areas.