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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out in Bullhead City, AZ

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Mold, fires, floods, and other natural disasters can result in your home becoming severely damaged. Oftentimes, the damage is done not only to the building’s exterior, its structure, and furnishings but to your personal contents as well. It can be a frustrating situation to come across and result in permanent harm to your items without prompt restoration. Knowing this, take action to have damaged contents restored right away in the aftermath of a disaster.

ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration provides content cleaning and pack-out services for homes and businesses in Bullhead City, AZ, and the neighboring areas. Our professional technicians will safely pack and transport your contents to our facility for effective cleaning and restoration. Contents are restored to their former state by using advanced cleaning products and techniques. If soft goods need to be restored, the Esporta® Wash System will get the job done.

Content-Cleaning-and-Pack-Out-Bullhead-City-AZContent and Soft Goods Cleaning in Bullhead City, AZ

From clothing to jewelry to electronics, most of the personal belongings that people have at home can become permanently damaged by fires, smoke, mold, and water. Our professional technicians can immediately treat damaged goods, preventing permanent harm and restoring them to their former state. The following steps can be expected from the content cleaning services we provide:

  • We promptly arrive at your property following your call to identify and assess harmed contents.
  • We will provide insight on whether items are salvageable or have sustained irreversible harm.
  • Depending on the state of your property, we either clean, deodorize, and restore contents on-site or bring them to our facility.

ServiceMaster Soft Goods Restoration

Mold, water, and smoke can cause permanent damage to shoes, clothing, linens, comforters, stuffed animals, and other soft goods. The technicians we employ at ServiceMaster River Valley Restoration will thoroughly clean and restore harmed soft goods by using the Esporta® Wash System. With this technique, items go through detergent laden water as patented hydraulic action cleans the contents in an effective manner. This technique eliminates 99% of contaminants — both inorganic and organic — to food grade clean.

ServiceMaster Pack-Out Services

In the event your contents cannot undergo safe and effective cleaning on-site, then we will carefully pack up the damaged items and transport them to our facility, where we will conduct cleaning and restoration work. The following steps can be expected from our pack-out services:

  1. We pack damaged contents and take record of each item in an electronic inventory. We provide both you and your insurance provider with a copy of the inventory list.
  2. Your items are safely transported to our facility.
  3. We clean, restore, and deodorize items. Any soft goods that were damaged can be cleaned and restored by using the Esporta® Wash System.
  4. Following cleaning and restoration, items are kept in our secured facility and stored there until your property is safe again.
  5. We bring the contents right to your door.

Our staff can handle content cleaning and restoration work when your personal items have been damaged as a result of a natural disaster. We do this by using the industry’s best cleaning products and techniques. For soft goods, we employ the Esporta® Wash System.

Our content cleaning and pack-out services are available in Bullhead City, AZ, and the neighboring areas on a 24/7 basis.

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