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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Alhambra, CA

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For over 40 years, ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell has been providing residential and commercial properties with professional restoration and cleaning services. Critical damage to your home or business can offset operations and require an immediate response to restore it to its original condition. Our technicians are available 24/7 to respond right away. We understand that the damage will continue to spread, and we will work efficiently and effectively, using advanced products and equipment to provide structural repairs and cleaning services. We are also a ServiceMaster Commercial Response Center (CRC), meaning we are ready to respond to large losses around the country.

When working with our technicians, you can expect IICRC-certified professionals who are ready to respond at a moment’s notice in the Alhambra, CA area. We are also a certified microbial remediation supervisor, allowing us to restore safe and sanitary conditions with detailed cleaning and disinfection services. As a result of our excellent customer service over the years, we have won the Marion E. Wade Award of Excellence in 2007, which is the best award to be bestowed upon a ServiceMaster franchise.

Give us a call at (626) 963-4048 for emergency restoration and cleaning services in the Alhambra, CA area, including any of the following.

Disinfection and COVID Cleaning – Alhambra, CADisinfection and COVID Cleaning – Alhambra, CA

As it is incredibly important to maintain safe and sanitary conditions within the home and workplace nowadays, one can never be too careful. COVID-19, as well as other viruses, bacteria and pathogens are always spreading. The worst time can occur around flu season when everyone stays inside from the cold weather. Professional cleaning services can be a great remedy to these concerns. ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services in the Alhambra, CA area to remove dangerous bacteria, pathogens and viruses from homes and buildings. Our technicians use EPA-registered, hospital-grade products to remove and eliminate dangerous diseases, focusing on high-touch surfaces.

Water Damage Restoration – Alhambra, CAWater Damage Restoration – Alhambra, CA

Water damage is one of the most common disasters within homes and buildings, particularly due to the amount of potential sources. Natural flooding, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, appliance issues, sewer backups and more can never be fully prevented. But you can always react right away before the damage spreads or mold growth develops. ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell is available in the Alhambra, CA area to provide water damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties. Our IICRC-certified technicians are trained and experienced to respond immediately to these situations, extracting all standing water, drying out the affected spaces and applying anti-microbials to prevent the risk of mold growth. Our technicians will also work with your insurance adjuster during the claims process.

Fire Damage Restoration – Alhambra, CAFire Damage Restoration – Alhambra, CA

While not as common as water damage, fires are also known to occur and have a number of potential sources. Candles, overloaded circuits, forest fires, smoking, cooking fires and faulty appliances are all fire hazards and the flames can spread within minutes. While the most important step to take is to call the fire department, it’s also crucial to restore your home or building before the damage becomes worse. ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides fire damage restoration services for homes and buildings in the Alhambra, CA area to repair the structural damage and remove the remaining smoke and soot residue. Our professionals will respond right away to your first call, first boarding up the property to prevent additional damage or the risk of collapse, followed by conducting emergency pre-cleaning to restore the most at-risk items first. After covering all steps in the fire restoration process, we will conduct a walkthrough of the home or building to ensure your satisfaction as well as work with your insurance adjuster during the claims process.

Mold Remediation – Alhambra, CAMold Remediation – Alhambra, CA

Mold isn’t always considered a life-threatening emergency, but over time, it can cause widespread damage, both to your property structure and health and safety. As this fungus thrives in areas with excess moisture, it typically feeds on porous materials in hidden areas, like under floors, behind walls and in the attic and basement. As soon as you spot it, it’s important to contact a professional right away. ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell is available in the Alhambra, CA area to provide mold removal services for homes and buildings that have been damaged by mold growth of all types. Our technicians use advanced products, equipment, and methods to prevent it from spreading. We will remove the mold at the source, repair the affected structure, and dry out the area if needed to prevent it from returning.

Reconstruction – Alhambra, CAReconstruction – Alhambra, CA

There’s certainly no telling what Mother Nature might do when she shows her wrath and leaves homes and buildings in critical condition. Floods, fires, mold infestations and more can all leave these property structures on the verge of collapse that will require more than just restoration services. This is why ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell is available in the Alhambra, CA area to provide reconstruction services to fully rebuild and restore homes and buildings to their original conditions. As we understand the stress and trauma involved in these situations, our services cover all phases of the project to provide a seamless experience so you can focus on personal matters. From emergency board ups and tarping services to insurance claims coordination, you can count on us to handle it all.

Soft Goods Cleaning and Restoration – Alhambra, CASoft Goods Cleaning and Restoration – Alhambra, CA

Just as your home or building structure might be damaged from a natural disaster, it’s also likely your soft goods may not be in a great condition. Remnants of disasters like water, smoke, soot, and mold can all leave these materials stained or dirty, which can result in permanent damage if not handled right away. ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides soft goods restoration and cleaning services in Alhambra, CA in addition to restoring homes and buildings, allowing you to save money to have your items repaired instead of replaced. Using our Esporta Wash system, our professionals can have your soft goods cleaned, restored, and deodorized from debris, smoke, soot, water and even biohazardous materials.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Alhambra, CAContent Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Alhambra, CA

Especially in the case of larger natural disasters, or when it occurs from the inside, valuable contents can also become damaged. Items like electronics, jewelry, documents, clothing, and soft goods can be affected by smoke, soot, water, mold and other biohazardous materials and become permanently damaged without quick action. ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell provides content cleaning and pack-out services to help restore damaged contents to their original condition. We can also restore these items at our facility if the condition of your home or building isn’t suitable for them to be cleaned onsite.

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For any of the cleaning or restoration services listed above, contact ServiceMaster by T.A. Russell at (626) 963-4048 in the Alhambra, CA area. We are available 24/7.